It’s been busy.

Yep! that’s the cos’ for not having a blog for a long time. Well before I forget, that Minix3 thing; it’s yet to be picked up from where left.

Of late started getting my hands dirty with FreeBSD. Will keep things posted as I learn new things.



Off late, have started liking philosophy of minix3 and in particular small, simple && reliable. With weekend approaching and no ‘social’ engagement in sight, how about giving it (minix3) a spin.
So started out by slicing a brand new VM (nothing flashy, just bare minimum) in VirtualBox and loading ios downloaded from
Installation went quite well and fast, mostly nothing eventful and within minutes I had a functional OS installed.
Now comes the userland utilities. Minix3 has adopted NetBSD userland and pkgin does a fairly good job in installing pre-compiled packages. Mostly the packages that I installed could be termed as devel like vi, git and openssh.
So far so good, nothing thus far that I disliked about it and poking around feels good too.
Next step, installing it on an ARM board and the one at my disposal is a BegalBoard Black.
But instead of installing it from the disk image from the site I plan to compile the latest freshly cloned.
Build box happens to be FreeBSD 11.0.

Did I hear a knock on my door, seems like someone had ‘social’ engagement and forgot to mention about it.

Better Half: Could you get the door; that must be ‘X’ clan. Remember I told you about it last Friday?

Me: No dear, or might be (it’s best to avoid any disagreement during weekend(s)).
Me (thought): So long minix3, shall visit you coming weekend.

Hello World!!!

Traditionally ‘Hello World’ is how we get our feet wet.
Yeah!! am a programmer. So here goes my ‘Hello World’ in blogging world.
When was the last time you did ‘Hello World’?

First blog post

As the title suggests this happens to be my first blog post. Thanks to (am I correct with camel notation?) for providing this platform.

What else? may be I shall use this platform to jot down things that I enjoy happening around me. And it could be a wide array of topics nothing in particular.

Let’s see how it goes.