Off late, have started liking philosophy of minix3 and in particular small, simple && reliable. With weekend approaching and no ‘social’ engagement in sight, how about giving it (minix3) a spin.
So started out by slicing a brand new VM (nothing flashy, just bare minimum) in VirtualBox and loading ios downloaded from
Installation went quite well and fast, mostly nothing eventful and within minutes I had a functional OS installed.
Now comes the userland utilities. Minix3 has adopted NetBSD userland and pkgin does a fairly good job in installing pre-compiled packages. Mostly the packages that I installed could be termed as devel like vi, git and openssh.
So far so good, nothing thus far that I disliked about it and poking around feels good too.
Next step, installing it on an ARM board and the one at my disposal is a BegalBoard Black.
But instead of installing it from the disk image from the site I plan to compile the latest freshly cloned.
Build box happens to be FreeBSD 11.0.

Did I hear a knock on my door, seems like someone had ‘social’ engagement and forgot to mention about it.

Better Half: Could you get the door; that must be ‘X’ clan. Remember I told you about it last Friday?

Me: No dear, or might be (it’s best to avoid any disagreement during weekend(s)).
Me (thought): So long minix3, shall visit you coming weekend.